What’s Up With Student Reviews?

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What’s Up With Students Reviews?

Just like our business partners, we ask our customers what they think about our services. In a school partnership, our “customers” are the students and teachers to whom STC provides college and career readiness programs and connections (yep, that’s what its all about.) We want our students to be inspired, informed and prepared. Ready to launch to make a sustainable life for themselves and their communities.

From the results of our surveys, it looks like we are on target.

Using Survey Monkey and old-fashioned pencil and paper, we poll our students and teachers on every program, seminar, internship, job shadow and speaker we provide.

Here are some of the actual student comments:

I actually got to do something I would like to do for a career but have never ever been able to do before.

 I liked how each company gave its best and how they work to meet its goals. It inspired me to do the same and see beyond school.

 I learned to always build a network with people you work with.

 I did not expect to have so much interaction with those employed in the STEM field or learn so much practical advice.

 I learned not to look at the name of the school (college selection), but the practical opportunities it might have.

 Today was awesome. I got an internship.

 Too often, kids feel they have to pick one thing; I learned it’s ok to meander.

 It was helpful; it solidified my career choice and showed me a variety of jobs in the field of my interest.

 The Broad Institute helped me know for sure I definitely want to pursue a PhD in the Bio-Chemistry field.

 This was a great learning experience connecting with people in the field; talking with them about their experiences, their career paths, and information about their work.

 Comment about how would you describe STC programs to other students: “You’ll be blown away!’

Sounds like we are on the right path creating informed students who are indeed inspired and  discovering their potential and concrete ways to make a difference in their community and to lead fulfilled lives in high school, college and beyond. That’s what’s up with student reviews!



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