Not Only Our Mission….this is what drives everything we do.

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There is not much more to add to this but our numbers.  Our mission speaks to the uncompromising quality of every innovative program, speaker, site visit, seminar and internship student connection we create.  This school year, the School to Careers Partnership, in conjunction with amazing leading business partners, will provide 4,650 student opportunities!

Action, Inspiration and Direction provided by STC Partnership to each student brings opportunity for them to create their own sustainable life.  The majority of our students go onto further education. Arming them with a plan curated through experiences advances their successful transition from high school to further education in college or trade programs.  And that is the path to a sustainable life which is not only good for the student but imperatively good for our communities.  Thank you to our business partners and the visionary commitment of our school Superintendents* making this a priority.

Take a look at what we do School to Careers Partnership Events

*STC Partnership School Districts are Avon, Canton, Blue Hills Regional, Dedham, Holbrook, Milton, Norwood and Randolph Public Schools.  Program administered by the Blue Hills Regional Technical School.

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