Hey! Why is Scott Nou from Liberty Mutual in Algebra Class?

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And other stories from the STC Back to School! On 11/17/15, 35 business and public service leaders went back to school last month sitting in class, answering questions and experiencing what it’s like to be a high school student first hand. Reporting to the principal’s office first, our Back to School “students” were met by their high school students and attended two classes.

Comments from our Back to School visiting “students” after the event…

  • Loved seeing what HS is like for kids today and having the opportunity to talk to kids about their day to day experiences. Very eye opening for me!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this program, and would love to do more! The staff and the students were wonderful and very welcoming. I was impressed at how well articulated and mature the kids were that I spent time with.
  • Loved observing teaches in action
  • I realized how hard teachers work to inspire their students. Using technology in the classroom to engage students has come so far from the days of chalkboards and text books only.
  • Very impressed with the level of involvement by the students with their project/group study and the enthusiasm of their teachers

Thanks to the great companies who sent staff back to school in our high schools: ACCUROUNDS, Avon Cooperative Bank. Jordans Furniture, South Shore Hospital, Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk County DA Morrisey, Instron, Norfolk County Sherriff, Rep. Walter Timilty, Randolph Savings Bank, Bank of Canton, Steward Norwood Hospital, Allied Marketing, Liberty Mutual and Wegmans.


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