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Career Areas

So Many Choices!

At School to Careers, we focus on facilitating as many Big Picture Moments as we can – the ones where the lightbulb goes off for a student who suddenly has a reinforced purpose to get up, go to school, and work hard to achieve future goals. We pave the way for greater meaning and fulfillment throughout our students’ lives.

Through speakers, seminars, shadow and intern opportunities, and site visits to many company headquarters, we expose students to a wealth of opportunities across all business and career verticals to help them envision and create their future.

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Bio-Tech & Pharma

Having students gown up to enter a bio-tech lab is only one of the many highlights at site visits to bio-tech and pharma partners where students learn about applied STEM fields including biology, engineering and chemistry. Many companies have hosted our students and sent speakers to our schools including Immunogen, Organogenesis, Biogen, Acambis, Genzyme Genetics, Siemens Healthineers and others.

Finance, Business & Marketing

As Boston is a financial leader, School to Careers has worked with the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, Putnam Investments, Ameriprise, the Boston Stock Exchange, Fidelity, Mercer, Loomis Sayles and many regional financial institutions to provide seminars, financial literacy, internships and shadow opportunities.

Public Services/Non-Profit

Leading students into meaningful and sustainable life work can happen in public service. To demonstrate this, we’ve had speakers from the US Federal Trade Commission, MA Legislators, the FBI, and many other important agencies.

Non-profit leaders have presented on the meaningful and viable careers that can bring about a sustainable life financially and socially.

Legal & Forensics

Victim Witness Advocates; Corporate Attorneys; Undercover Investigators; and MA District Attorney; Juvenile Probation Officers, are just a few of the presenters at School to Careers events providing first hand insights into all aspects of legal, forensic and protective service work.

Creative Arts

Creative thinkers produce ideas and innovations applicable across all industries. To inform and foster creative doers, School to Careers brings leaders from all creative sectors: a NY Times best-selling author, a social media creative strategist from NYC, stage and set designers, an online magazine publisher, Equity actors, illustrators, world-renown musicians, directors, and designers.


Show students they can have a great job, be fully employed, earn a great income, travel the world. That’s exactly what happens when presenters from the Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, Hilton and other key players from the hospitality industry meet with School to Careers students.


The world is on 24/7 broadcast through social media, tv, radio, journalism, PR, and inter-communications.  Students learn about how to evaluate, enter the field and hone their skills connecting with influencers from all areas. 



Boston Children’s Hospital, MA General, South Shore Hospital, Norwood Hospital, Dana Farber, Deaconess Milton Hospitals, MA Hospital School, and Sinai Hospital are some of the sites we have had hosted site visits, speakers and internships.

Structural & Environmental Engineering

How about organizing 550 middle school students to blow up rockets on a sunny day? School to Careers, in partnership with SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) does just this to inspire students to stay with their math and science classes through innovative Rocket Clubs.

Bio-Tech & Engineering Symposium

Students compete each spring for a spot in the School to Careers Bio-Engineering Symposium held April school vacation. All on full scholarships, 32 students spend full days on site at key STEM leaders in the metro-Boston region. Past sites have included MWRA Deer Island, Biogen, Army Corps of Engineers, Siemens, The Broad Institute and Genzyme Genetics.