Biotech and Beyond…Building Talent

Overview for STC’s Biotech Talent Development Initiative


The biotech industry is thriving. Many of the world’s leading companies have offices in the Boston area. However, there are not enough career development opportunities to prepare and connect local students with biotech careers. The School to Careers Partnership (STC) is uniquely positioned to address this workforce challenge through its Biotech and Beyond…Building Talent initiative.


  • Demand for talent is far greater than supply. Leveraging regional talent, beyond urban centers, is key.
  • Expanding and supporting local economic and social development regionally is logical.
  • STC schools fall outside city based program eligibility

STC Profile:

STC has 10,000 middle and high school students in eight metro Boston public school districts. STC students are 48% students of color and 38% economically disadvantaged. Urban gentrification has resulted in families moving to nearby towns changing demographics and student needs. With a graduation rate averaging over 90% in STC high schools, the vast majority of our students hope for further education. Only through initiatives such as these can our students connect and succeed.


This is an innovative proposal to not only reach underserved communities but to bring to scale the number of people entering the field. This initiative’s goal is to address the projected employment hiring needs for the biotech industry sectors: biopharma, medical devices and R&D at universities and hospitals.

Outcomes Year One:

  • Directly engage 2604 students in programs
  • 275 graduating students will enter STEM 4-year programs
  • Of those, 90 will be students of color
  • 75 students will participate in Spring Biotech & Beyond internships
  • Students will gain critical soft skills and professional acumen
  • Students will continue to take challenging courses as they advance in grades; especially transitioning from middle to high school
  • Students will gain insights and interest in identifiable careers in depth and scope
  • Teachers will integrate current biopharma examples/research into curriculum
  • Students will develop a sense of belonging to this high-growth field
  • Students and teachers will comprehend the connection between academic learning, industry application and economic opportunity
  • Connections to professionals that will mentor and inspire students through high school and beyond….maybe even on their first job
  • For corporate partners, direct connections to students entering the field