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Biotech and Beyond….Building Talent Initiative

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Biotech and Beyond…Building Talent

The biotech industry is thriving. Many of the world’s leading companies have offices in the Boston area. However, there are not enough career development opportunities to prepare and connect local students with biotech careers. The School to Careers Partnership (STC) is uniquely positioned to address this workforce challenge through its Biotech and Beyond…Building Talent initiative.


  • Demand for talent is far greater than supply. Leveraging regional talent, beyond urban centers, is key.
  • Expanding and supporting local economic and social development regionally is logical.
  • KENDALL SQUARE Cambridge is GROUND ZERO for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

STC will be partnering with worldwide leading biotech and pharmaceutical corporations.

Key programming opportunities will include:

  • Lab visits to state of the art facilities
  • Internships
  • Career Panels
  • Middle School GIRLS STEM Meet Up Conference
  • Middle School Rocket Clubs
  • Middle School Health Careers Academy
  • Health/Medical Career Conference
  • April School Vacation Programs: Biotech & Engineering Symposium; Boston Children’s Hospital STEM Intensive

See brief for more details Biotech and Beyond…Building Talent Initiative Overview


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