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Business Partners

Over the past 25 years, School to Careers has had the privilege of partnering with global organizations across all industries, cultural institutions, public agencies and legislatures. Uniquely located in Metro-Boston, our partners are global thought-leaders who pioneer progress in all of its forms and stages.

For our business partners, we offer the opportunity to invest in their marketplace and future workforce. Engaging young people in authentic conversations about the career opportunities in their industries and how to get there.

Business Partners Realize

  • Waiting until later to build your workforce is too late.
  • This is how to create the new talent pipeline not for jobs but for careers.
  • Through STC, businesses learn from other employers, educators and partners in their industry.

“Hearing stories of success makes such an impact. Every person made a difference.”

High School Teacher

Boston Headquarters

We are fortunate to be located in one of the most vibrant and intellectual economies in the world. Current and past partners whose organizations are headquartered in Boston have included:

Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital

Boston College

Boston Federal Reserve

Greater Boston Food Bank



TSA – Logan Airport


“I learned that careers can change. That you always have to be ready and prepared. Follow your dreams. “

Student Participant

Local, Regional, & National Partners


As a business organization, it is important to us and our members that our students leave high school with the tools and skillsets they need to either enter the workforce or go on to higher education or vocational and technical education.  They are our future workforce and our future leaders.  Thanks to the work of you and your team, I am confident that our area students are being provided with opportunity’s to explore careers options, develop leadership skills and learn from experienced mentors, what it takes to be successful after high school.

Business Partners

Our shared mission of connecting students has been outstanding as Biogen has hosted 2500 students from the partnership since that first connection. Working with the School to Careers Partnership has been a particular pleasure due to the level of professionalism, speed of response and attention to detail. Selecting the right teachers has also been key in Biogen realizing a positive return on investment.

One highlight is the Bio-Engineering Symposium that brings select students for an intense experience. Including a teacher training fellowship as part of the Symposium is a brilliant way to not only inform the students but also continue to inspire teachers.

I look forward to a continued relationship with Katherine and the School to Careers Partnership fulfilling our mission, and hers, to get students excited about Stem careers.

Business Partners

The School to Careers Partnership has given students a unique opportunity to come through our doors and interact with Boston Children’s Hospital nurses. Over 600 students have been to our hospital since they’ve started attending the panels. 

As I observe the students in the auditorium I can see how impactful this experience is for them. Through the interactions between the nurses and the students, we are able to answer questions and debunk many misconceptions that exist about the role of the nurse. We also ensure to highlight the critical role nurses play in the delivery of healthcare to pediatric patients. Finally, we emphasize the importance of working as a team and understanding that patient care today is a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort.