About Us


One day every person will discover their potential to make a difference in their community and to lead fulfilled lives.


We believe that communities work better when businesses, schools and students come together to measure their impact and build for a more sustainable future.



Over 20 years time, School To Careers has become Metro Boston’s longest running partnership serving 15 middle and senior high school’s and providing approximately 4,500 opportunities each year to students and teachers.

School to Careers isn’t just about career development or fulfilling your company’s next volunteer outing. We’re about connecting real people and fulfilling the journey and path of each individual student and business across all strata of life-callings.



School to Careers is a partnership of opportunity and growth to all of our stakeholders across both private and public sectors. We task ourselves with asking the important questions that make school and work relevant and exciting to every day life. We want to provide that big picture moment that can pave the way for greater meaning and fulfillment at all of life’s crossroads.

For our students, the objective is to successfully transition each student into further training and education critical to a dynamic and highly skilled workforce that distinguishes Massachusetts as a place of opportunity. In more profound terms, we want to set our students’ inner compass for life.

As a result of their experiences with School to Careers we have witnessed our students grow to take more challenging coursework and become energized with purpose. In tandem, our parents welcome these experiences as they provide a broader vision and a greater chance of success with proven experiences before they commit to investing in further education.

For schools, we want to make learning relevant and not just leapfrogging from test to test solely out of obligation. And so we offer an answer to the eternal question: Why do we have to learn this? As a result, our teachers feel validated with classrooms full of empowered, self-directed students.

For businesses, we offer the opportunity to not feel siloed by academic institutions but integral to the education of the whole student – as a person destined to be effective contributors to their chosen industry.



School to Careers brings together schools and private and public sector organizations to offer industry specific seminars, business site visits, guest classroom speakers, mentorships, internships, shadow days and advisory boards to make academic learning relevant.

For our schools and students, we offer an opportunity for validation and exploration. Our participants meet real people who want to make a difference in their lives. With these significant resources and unique programs, students discover interests, talents and opportunities. In response, students craft a plan to achieve college and career goals that excite them resulting in self-motivated and achieving students.

For our business partners, we offer the opportunity to invest in their marketplace and future workforce by engaging young people in authentic conversations about their industry. What we have witnessed is a renewed enthusiasm and intense consideration on the behalf of employees interacting with School to Careers students. By supporting our programs, employees gain the opportunity to effect the future, reflect on their role in their company, and consider a global outlook on their own path towards crafting a sustainable life and career. As a result, employees return to their workplace with a renewed enthusiasm after experiencing this big-picture moment and clearer sense of what and how they do what they do.

And over 20 years time, our students have maintained these industry connections, and following their successful completion of college, have been hired by the same people who inspired them to set out on their unique path.


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