What’s a STC Day?

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It’s just another day…people often ask me what about my work.  What my day is like. Do I go to an office? What is my schedule? No two days are alike. There is always a sense of opportunity just around the corner, if I am there to ask for it.  If I can imagine it, it can happen. The office is everywhere there are students and community coming together.

Just last week, I was driving down Route 24 on a cell call with two teachers and a guidance counselor who had just returned from a STC engineering seminar for 100 high school students.  They had feedback, appreciation and some advice to tweak our next seminar.  I was waiting to hear back from a Boston Globe Investigative reporter who I had asked to keynote an upcoming Criminal Justice seminar.  I was watching the weather reports as we had a group of 45 STC students headed to the Cape Cod Canal with the Army Corps of Engineers the next day. And I was on my way to Dedham Middle School to meet with staff in early planning stages of a seven middle school event for Young Women in Science. From there, I was headed into the Boston Opera House with 100 middle school students who were seeing Cinderella, courtesy of a STC philanthropic partner. It’s just another day!

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